After visiting several other law offices first, I knew I was in the right hands with Michael Weiss. His office is very responsive and attentive and always available when I had questions.


Mr. Weiss has acted with extreme professionalism in handling my case. He worked expeditiously to ensure a proper settlement. Thank You. Highly recommend his service to anyone.


My experience with Michael Weiss was phenomenal. He and Mary Wagner are a great team. It took approximately 6 months from the date I had my initial consultation to the date my case was settled . And I received my compensation one week after settlement. I highly recommend them.

Valorie L.

Our daughter was born with a birth injury, Erb's palsy, caused by a doctor's mistake, which will require ongoing medical attention. Mr. Weiss and his office did everything possible to ensure our little girl will have the best outcome going forward.

Lucas B.

After a bad car accident I went to Michael Weiss and I wasn't disappointed! He managed to settle my case for more than I ever thought I would get, great job!

Devyn R.

Awesome Attorney

Colleen V.

My son suffered cerebral palsy at birth. We contacted The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss because we were concerned about my son's future. Mr. Weiss not only was able to settle the case on the day of trial but assisted in making the financial arrangements which would guarantee my son's financial future long after I am gone. My family can now focus on caring for my son and letting him be all that he can be.
Tanya S.

The Funplex