Any injury related to your employment entitles you to income and medical benefits. But many affected workers do not realize the full range of workplace injuries that are covered by laws enacted to protect employees. That's why it's important to seek expert legal advice for any injury or accident that occurs at or is related to your job. The firm of The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss has helped many clients win the compensation they are entitled to for workplace accidents and workplace injuries in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Not only catastrophic accidents are covered under workplace accident laws. If you have a pre-existing injury aggravated by work, psychological injuries exacerbated by work conditions, cancer caused by exposure to toxic chemicals at work, or repetitive stress injuries, you are also entitled to seek compensation from your employer.

Workplace accident litigation is complex, and a successful workplace accident lawsuit requires extensive examination of medical records, consultation with experts, and complete understanding of the workplace injury laws in the state where the claim is filed. Michael Weiss, Esq., is a successful workplace accident attorney, and personally handles all the firm's cases.